Updating Dynamic DNS (DDNS) records has never been simpler. First you will need to get the API key of the device you wish to update (click here if you don't know how to get the API key).

Once you have the API key in hand you'll just need to perform a standard HTTP GET request to the following address:

HTTPS-https://ddnsmon.com/update/<api_key>  (recommended)

Where <api_key> is your API key.

Here is a list of return codes sent by our servers. All codes are plain-text and followed by a line return:

200-OKNormal response
200-RejectedToo many updates; must wait for 5 minutes
403-ForbiddenAPI key was rejected

Important Note

Please be considerate, do not overload our servers. Only update your devices once every five minutes (or 300 seconds). You will not find any benefits in sending updates at higher frequencies. In extreme circumstances transgressors might have their account suspended (this is to ensure quality of service for other users).

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