Get or renew a device API key

A new API key is automatically generated for each new device created. To create a new device go to the device panel, which is located into the upper-right corner menu under 'Manage' --> 'Devices'. In the device panel, you will have to:

  1. Click on the '+ Add' button to add a new device;
  2. Name your device;
  3. Click on 'Commit Changes' and then accept the changes.
Create Device

Figure 1: Steps to create a new device

Accessing API Key

Figure 2: Accessing a new device API key menu

Your changes should have been saved at this point. To get the API key click on the wrench icon (see figure 2 above). This will open a menu, from which you can copy and paste the API key that was automatically generated (see the figure 3 below).

Retrieve and Renew API Key

Figure 3: Retrieving and renewing an API key

You can at any time generate a new API key. Simply click on the refresh icon (see figure 3 above). It is important to note that new API keys immediately take effect, so don't forget to update your devices to avoid any downtime.

Important note

Always keeps your API key secret; only use each API key on one device at a time.

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