Domain panel

The Domain Panel allows you to manage your custom domains. It can be accessed from the upper navigation bar, through 'Manage' -> 'Domains' (see figure 1 below). The possible actions are:

  1. Add a domain
  2. Remove a domain
  3. Set a domain
  4. Commit or cancel changes
Domain Panel

Figure 1: The domain panel

1. Add a device

Click to add a new domain. Your changes will only take effect after you clicked on Commit.

2. Remove a device

Click to remove a corresponding dmain. Your changes will only take effect after you c

3. Set a domain

First enter the complete hostname in the corresponding domain textbox (e.g.: You will need to click on Commit for your changes to take effect.

Next you will need to set the following NS records at your registrar (or on your own DNS server):


Certain registrars might require you to add glue records as well. In that case just add the following A records:

A -
A -

If you're unsure on how to add these records check with your registrar or DNS service provider. Lots of technical articles can also be found on Google.

Domain Propagation

New domains can take up to 48 hours to propagate through the Internet. The following website can be very useful for detecting problems and monitoring the propagation of the NS records: Make sure you select the proper record type (NS in this case).

4. Commit or cancel changes

Click to commit or cancel your changes. All changes to the domain panel must be committed to take effect.

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