Monitor your devices, simply.

A Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service with real-time updates.

See if your devices are up and running.

Dashboard Sample
Real-time status

Real-time status

Check the status of your devices in real-time.

Device History

Device History

See how often your IPs have changed. Monitor downtime at a glance. Diagnose internet connection problems.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Get notified when a device stops reponding. Be informed when a device is back online.

Easily manage your devices.

Lightning Fast DNS Updates

Lightning Fast DNS Updates

Access your devices from an actual web address.

Static and Dynamic DNS (DDNS) capability.

All DNS records get updated within 30 seconds.

Simple Interface

Simple Interface

Easy to use web control panel.

Add your own domain names in one click.

Simplest API ever for developpers.

Get started in a minute.

One Dollar

One Dollar per Month

Manage up to 10 devices and 5 personnal domain names for 12$/year.
All accounts come with a free domain name:
No activation fees. Try it and pay within 30 days if you were satisfied.


We Accept Bitcoin

Accepted payment methods are PayPal and Bitcoin.
Bitcoin prices are adjusted on a hourly basis.

Special Announcement

Web registrations are closed at the moment. We are however looking for new beta testers. If you are interested in helping us finding bugs drop us a line at As a thank you gift we will waive your subscription fees for 1 year, or even more depending on how many bugs you've helped us fix!

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